=Webquest- Catalhoyuk=

Unit 3: From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers

You are about to embark on a journey back in time to the site of a village from the Neolithic time period. While on this journey you will take on the role of a geographer, archaeolgist, and historian. Using your social scientist sckills you will compare Paleolithic art to art of Neolithic times. You will also use your detecitive skills to uncover the differences in some of the drawings and artifacts from the two time periods.

You will respond to the questions IN COMPLETE SENTNECES.

FIRST, you will visit Catalhoyuk website.
Go to Catalhoyuk link and click on the “Introductions” tab.

Answer the following questions about this site…

1. What is Catalhoyuk?

2. Was it from the Paleolithic or Neolithic Time Period?

3. What country is it located?

4. About how old is the ancient city?

SECOND, Go go to the “Timeline” Link.
5. What happened here 2.5 million years ago? 17,000 years ago? 10,350 years ago? 9,400 years ago?

THIRD, Click on “Activities” at the top of the page. Then click on “Explore a Home…”

6. What were the walls of the house made of? (click on wall)

7. What was buried under the platforms of the house?

8. What is interesting about the roofs of the houses?

FOURTH, Go back to “Activities” and click on “Make a Neolithic Dinner”

9. Let’s do the activity, then list at least 3 facts you learned about how families of that time ate or collected food.

FIFTH, Click on “Artifacts”.
Explore and take 3 notes on interesting clues of how they lived during that time period.

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