Chapter 1: Investigating the Past

Caves of Lasaux France

"Visit" the Caves

Created by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication to encourage visitors worldwide to explore the cave, The Cave of Lascaux. The Cave of Lascaux provides a comprehensive look at this archeological wonder. The site highlights the story of the cave's discovery, how to interpret the data found there, and the preservation. Currently, only a replica of the cave is open to the public, but Internet visitors can virtually tour the actual cave. One enters the cave and clicks on areas to see what paintings are revealed in that location. Informative and interesting, this site nicely complements study of investigating the past.

Social Scientists:

A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist

Chapter 3: From Hunters and Gatherers (Paleolithic Age) to Farmers (Neolithic Age)

Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras

Neolithic Revolution

Horrible Histories: Caveman Farmers???

Horrible Histories: First Stone Age City

Catal Hoyuk:

Archaeologists are excavating the remains of a Neolithic town. 9,000 years ago, this place was one of the world's largest settlements. At a time when most of the world's people were wandering hunter-gatherers, as many as 10,000 people lived at Çatalhöyük.

Test your knowledge of archaeology and history as you uncover the Mysteries of Catalhoyuk, a Neolithic village in Turkey that is under excavation. After taking the virtual tour of the dig and reading the archaeologists' journal, try solving one of the seven different mysteries outlined in the section "Mystery Cards." Here, you can analyze and interpret one of the artifacts that archaeologists themselves are trying to understand! An additional resource is the "Frequent Questions" link that provides basic information, a glossary, timeline, and maps. This site is a wonderful enrichment for study of human development from hunters and gatherers to farmer.
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Chapter 4: The Rise of Sumerian City-States

Sumerian City States

Mesopotamia (Sumerians, first civilization on earth)

A Journey to Ancient Civilizations (Lascaux Caves- Byzantium)

Song about Mesopotamia by Mr. Nicky

Family Life in Ancient Sumer, by Leopoldo Costa

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National Geographic. What is a civilization?
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National Geographic Kids, People and Places- Mesopotamia
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British Museum- Mesopotamia
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Did you know that the Babylonians had several types of boats for trade, including one called a coracle? The Babylonians were one of many groups of Mesopotamians who developed such innovative achievements. At World Cultures: Mesopotamia, a visitor can learn about Mesopotamia in general as well as specific topics on Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyria. Each section has a "Story" section which is often a primary source, and "Explore," for deeper explanation of the topic. For added enrichment, there is the "Challenge" section that includes a variety of fun and interactive activities.