Social Studies Current Events

Due every other week.

Directions: Select a current event that interests you. It should relate to the region we are currently studying in social studies (ex. history, archaeology, geography, 7 characteristics of civilization). Read the article carefully. Then complete the items below. Your response needs to be typed, printed out and brought to class.
Suggestion: copy/paste the requirments below into a word document and complete or download the form and type directly on to the form.
Current Event Resources you may use are:

Be sure to involve your parents with this assginment.

Source: This is your citation. Do your best to cite it correctly. Mrs. Gilmore will teach you how to do this correctly later in the month.
Who? Is the article about?
What? Is happening? What is the topic?
Where? Is the event happening?
When? Did this event occur?
Why? Is t his event occurring and why is it important enough to be reported in the news? Why do we need to know this?

Claim: What is the claim this article is making?
Evidence: What is the evidence to support the claim being made?
Reason: Why and how does the evidence make sense and how does it support the claim?
Synthesize: What can we learn from this article? Has this article taught you something? How does this article impact your thinking?
Considering Other Perspectives: What might be a different point of view on this same event/issue? What might influence someone to think differently than you about this event or issue?